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Preparing For Your Business Success With Network Solution

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Under one roof get packaged solution for ISP Industry.

Data Centre Co-locations

Lower Costs Fewer Technical Staff Exceptional Reliability Geographic Location Predictable Expenses

Networking Support

BGP Routing MPLS / LAN Network

Hardware TAC Support

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Software support for Networking

ISP Industry related software supports

OTT & IPTV, VOIP Platform intagraction and Support

Software Platform Integration Support for OTT and IPTV.

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Preparing for your success trusted source in Network services for global providing

Peercast is closely associated with leading networking OEMs and Solution providers for providing the appropriate solutions for the customer's requirement. Peercast specializes in consulting, deployment and management of IT infrastructure and Astral focuses on the business applications and security processes.

Help our customers meet and enhance their business through adoption of quality information technology solutions.

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What We Do

Preparing For Your Business Success With IT Solution

We provide complete solution and support for ISP, from Licence processing, Network Architect, Hardware and Software selection to Uplink Telco and Peering provider suggestion.

Also we will share best technical and sales strategies which suits exactly to your geographical market and target customer.
Benefits of a Colocation Data Center

For companies, or even individuals, who want to use colocation data center services, there are many great benefits that they can enjoy. The following are some of the most significant to be aware of when deciding if this type of service is a good option.
  • • Lower Costs – When comparing the costs of a colocation data center with the option of building your own facility, it is an obvious choice. Unless your equipment requires a huge amount of room, the costs will be far lower when using a colocation option.
  • • Fewer Technical Staff – You don’t need to worry about things like running cables, managing power, installing equipment, or any number of other technical processes. In many cases, the colocation data center will even be able to replace components or perform other tasks as needed. This means you don’t need to have a large IT staff employed to handle this work.
  • • Exceptional Reliability – Colocation data centers are typically built with the highest specifications for redundancy. This includes backup power generators, excellent physical security, multiple network connections through multiple telcos, and much more.
  • • Geographic Location – You can choose the location of your data center so that it is near your users.
  • • Predictable Expenses – The costs associated with a colocation data center will be very predictable. You can typically sign contracts that last one or more years, so you know exactly how to budget your IT needs.
  • • Easy Scalability – When your business is growing, you can quickly have new servers or other equipment added to the facility. When you have your equipment in a small local data center or server closet, it can be much more difficult to expand.
BGP (EBGP, IBGP),Routing,Ipv4 and Ipv6 handling and techniques, L2 and L3 Networks supports and troubleshooting.
We support multi-brand hardware’s under AMC for technical requirements: CISCO,HUAWEI,JUNIPER,Extreme,Arista,MIKROTIK Etc..
ISP Industry related software supports like Linux,AAARadius,Speed Test Server,Network Monitoring, DNS Server,SD-WAN,UTM Solutions Etc…
Complete Software Solution for OTT Content Streaming & IPTV, Which includes White Labelled Mobile OTT Application.
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